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Re: SANet forward--pricing info

In response to this message we picked up via a forward from SANet:  

OFMA now has market price reports--updated weekly-- for organic produce and
field crops.  This service is available to certified organic farmer members,
and in some cases associate and /or ex-officio members.  Livestock, dairy,
egg and fiber price reports will be forthcoming.

To receive the codes to access these reports, one must become a member of
one or more of OFMA's Production Sector Committees.  Membership dues are
$25.  More information is available on our website at

PLease email us at cvof@iquest.net with any further questions or comments
about OFMA!

At 08:35 PM 6/6/97 -0400, Sprinkraft@aol.com wrote:
>Subj:	Organic Prices
>Date:	97-06-06 16:29:22 EDT
>From:	PDines@compuserve.com (Patricia Dines)
>To:	Sprinkraft@aol.com (Steve Sprinkel)
>Is OFMA still working on doing this? Thought you might be able to assist
>this person. This email came through SANet. Best regards - Tricia
>--------------- Forwarded Message ---------------
>From: Sean McGovern, INTERNET:oeffa@mailbox.iwaynet.net
>To: sanet-mg@ces.ncsu.edu
>Date: Thu, Jun 5, 1997, 1:02 PM
>Subject: Organic Prices
>Dear Sannet:
>I am looking for pricing assistance for small scale vegetable growers.
>This has been a perennial problem for many of our growers.  I know that
>commodity pricing is available from organizations like the Organic Food and
>Business News.  Do they complile this themselves, or is the information
>available in some public database?
>We are hoping to be able to facilitate the dissemination of this
>information to our growers, either by advertising the source, group
>subscription, or some other avenue.  Could someone help with a periodically
>updated (weekly?) source of information on the current prices of organic,
>or even conventional vegetables? It should be in an accessible and
>affordable format that would enable OEFFA to make it available for a group
>of 100 growers.
>Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association
>Sean McGovern
>PO Box 82234 Columbus Ohio 43202
>(ph) 614/294-3663
>(fx) 614/291-3276
>For Organic Certification services in Ohio, call Certification Coordinator,
>Sylvia Upp at 419/853-4060
>--- NOTE: This was also posted: ---
>From: steve bonney, INTERNET:sbonney@iquest.net
>To: oeffa@mailbox.iwaynet.net (Sean McGovern)
>Cc: sanet-mg@ces.ncsu.edu
>Date: Thu, Jun 5, 1997, 10:55 PM
>Subject: Re: Organic Prices
>For weekly prices at terminal markets (Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati and
>others), bookmark the following:
>   gopher://shelley.ca.uky.edu/11/agmkts/market_wire
>For anecdotal pricing, check http://www.todaymarket.com/g2 list.html
>There are thousands of websites for prices. Use the search engines to
>specific ones.
>Steve Bonney, President
>Indiana Sustainable Agriculture Association
>100 Georgton Ct.
>W. Lafayette IN 47906
>(317) 463-9366, fax (317) 497-0164
>email sbonney@iquest.net
>PD NOTE: Would be good to get advice on what to enter into the search
>engine to get just that and not other stuff....
Cissy Bowman, Telecommunications Coordinator and Webkeeper
Organic Farmers Marketing Assoc.
8364 S SR 39
Clayton, IN 46118