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Resenting Economics

Can anyone suggest resources that discuss the cost of conventional
agriculture compared to that of alternative/sustainable agriculture.  I'm
interested in all costs - social, environmental, etc.  I know that natural
resource economics theory continues to develop and can address
conventional agricultural and costs to the environment, but I'm looking
for more.

On a personal note, as I travel down the road to risk reduction in my
own life, I can't help but wonder how much more I will need to spend
to find less risky alternatives to the "common" American existence. 
Fortunately, I'm able to afford many of these choices.  I have to admit
concern for those who can not afford to do the same.  I know that this
aspect of capitalism has existed for many decades, but  I wonder why
risk reduction seems to be so expensive these days.  Fewer choices,
greater risks?

Elysabeth Bonar Bouton
Annapolis, MD