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Educational Workshops in SA

Please distribute this to interested parties. Contact Heidi Carter at
csas007@unlvm.unl.edu for more information. Thank you!


For more information, CONTACT:
Heidi Carter
Education Coordinator
402-472-4104 (fax)


Lincoln, NE -- The North Central Sustainable Agriculture Training Program
(NCSATP) is sponsoring three workshops this summer for agricultural
educators and others to learn from producers, NRCS specialists, educators
and researchers about alternative farming systems. Topics covered will
include soil quality, grazing systems, agroforestry designs, and economic
and social implications of alternative farming.
	"Agricultural educators are constantly seeking information that will help
farmers stay afloat," says Chuck Francis, NCSATP coordinator and director of
the Center for Sustainable Agriculture Systems at the University of
Nebraska. "With these workshops we can point educators to a teacher that
surrounds them everyday -- the ecosystem where they live."
	Past NCSATP workshops were praised for multi-professional, holistic and
practical approaches to agricultural education. The 1997 workshops, "Linking
People, Purpose and Place: An Ecological Approach to Agriculture," will
provide participants with more discussion, reflection, individual growth and
specific skills to take back to their businesses or jobs. Other objectives
include highlighting linkages among agricultural sectors and providing
innovative learning environments and tools for diversified audiences.
Participants will learn through interactive sessions and farm tours.
	"One of the most valuable benefits of NCSATP workshops is the opportunity
for state players to network and share ideas and materials from various
programs," Francis says. "The participants also enjoy getting out and
meeting the farmers who host tours. We learn so much from all the different
	Registration and meals are free, and travel scholarships are available for
farmers and nonprofit representatives. Contact Heidi Carter at 402-472-0917,
402-472-4104 (fax) or csas007@unlvm.unl.edu

	June 18 - 20, 1997		Wooster, Ohio
	July 9 - 11, 1997		Manhattan, Kansas
	July 28 - 30, 1997		Morris, Minnesota

	The NCSATP is funded by the North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture
Research and Education (SARE) program. Goals of NCSATP are: 1) to develop
and implement a comprehensive education program for use throughout the North
Central Region; and 2) to prepare a cadre of teachers to conduct innovative
training in their own states. 
	The USDA SARE program began with the 1985 Farm Bill. Congress appropriated
initial funds in 1988 for grants in sustainable agriculture research,
education and demonstration. Funding goes to producers, scientists,
educators and public and private institutions and organizations in three
grant programs. The North Central Region includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa,
Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South
Dakota and Wisconsin.

Lisa M. Bauer
Communications Specialist
North Central Region SARE Program
13A Activities Bldg.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68583-0840

402-472-0280 (fax)