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Request for Proposals-- Ag. Telecommunications (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 09:01:24 EST
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Cc: cbridwell@maat.reeusda.gov, debodaghe@maat.reeusda.gov
Subject: SMALLFARM-MG> Request for Proposals-- Ag. Telecommunications

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS  ---  Ag. Telecommunications

FOR A DETAILED ANNOUNCEMENT: Log on to the website  at 

AVAILABLE FUNDING:  For FY 1997, $1,073,640 is available for the 

DEADLINE:  Applications must be recieved on or before August 4, 1997.
Proposals recieved after August 4, 1997 will not be considered for 

PROGRAM CONTACT: Cathy Bridwell, Phone: 202-720-6084
Internet: cbridwell@reeusda.gov
Mailing address:  USDA-CSREES, Stop 2216
1400 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Washington, DC 20250-2216

Proposals are requested for the purpose of awarding competitive 
grants for fiscal year (FY) 1997 under the Agricultural 
Telecommunications Program.  Grants will be awarded to eligible 
institutions to assist in the development and utilization of an 
agricultural communications network to facilitate and to strengthen 
agricultural extension, resident education and research, and 
domestic and international marketing of United States commodities and 
products through a partnership between eligible institutions and the 
U.S. Department  of Agriculture.  The network will employ satellite 
and other telecommunications technology to disseminate and to share 
academic instruction, cooperative extension programming, agricultural 
research, and marketing information.

Proposals are invited from accredited institutions of higher 
education.  Applicants must demonstrate that they participate in a 
network that distributes programs consistent with the following 
objectives: (1) make optimal use of available resources for 
agricultural extension, resident education, and research by sharing 
resources between participating institutions; (2) improve the 
competitive position of United States agriculture in international 
markets by disseminating information to producers, processors, and 
researchers; (3) train students for careers in agriculture and food 
industries; (4) facilitate interaction among leading agricultural 
scientists; (5) enhance the ability of United States agriculture to 
respond to environmental and food safety concerns, and; 
(6) identify new uses for farm commodities and to increase 
the demand for United States agricultural products in both domestic 
and foreign markets.

Contact:  Proposal Services Unit, Grants Management Branch, 
Office of Extramural Programs, USDA-CSREES
Stop 2245, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20250-2245
Phone 202-401-5048

Application materials may also be requested via internet by sending a 
message with your name, mailing address (not e-mail) and telephone 
number to psb@reeusda.gov that states that you wish to recieve a copy 
of the application materials for the FY 1997 Agricultural 
Telecommunications Program.  The materials will then be mailed to you
(not e-mailed) as quickly as possible.


Denis Ebodaghe
National  Program Leader
Small Farms/Soil Science


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