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>>Date: Tue, 10 Jun 1997 12:27:51
>>Reply-To: juge@cnie.org
>>Sender: owner-cnie@csf.colorado.edu
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>>From: Juge Gregg <juge@cnie.org>
>>To: Committee for NATL INST for the ENVIRONMENT <cnie@csf.colorado.edu>
>>Subject: JOB LISTING
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>>The Committee for the National Insitute for the Environment is seeking to
>>fill the following position.  Please share this information with any
>>potential applicants or relevant listservs.  Thank you.
>>Webmaster/Policy Specialist
>>Opportunity to manage and develop the National Library for the Environment,
>>a significant environmental information web site, and help create a major
>>web resource on population and environment linkages. <www.cnie.org>
>>Communicate the need for national science-based environmental information
>>system. Work with outside content experts in a team environment. Skills
>>required: strong web development and design skills, LAN maintenance skills
>>and compelling written and oral communications skills. The employer is a
>>non-profit organization dedicated to improving the scientific basis for
>>making decisions on environmental issues. Salary commensurate with
>>experience. Send resume to CNIE, 1725 K. St. NW, Suite 212, Washington, DC
>>Juge Gregg
>>Director, Academic Relations
>>Committee for the National Institute for the Environment
>>1725 K Street, NW  Suite 212     PHONE 202-530-5810
>>Washington, DC 20006                FAX 202-628-4311
>>juge@cnie.org              http://www.cnie.org
>Michelle Miller
>1575 Linden Drive
>Madison,WI  53706
>FAX  262-5217
>Home Office 608/255-1503
>Home Fax     608/255-5885

Michelle Miller
1575 Linden Drive
Madison,WI  53706

FAX  262-5217

Home Office 608/255-1503
Home Fax     608/255-5885