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Re: Defining Sustainable Agriculture

Great question, Alfons. Sustainable agriculture is of major importance for
food production around the world. Certainly we need to consider
standardizing the definitions in all languages so that literature searches
will help us retrieve relevant international works.

One suggestion I can offer is the AGROVOC Thesaurus. This is a multilingual
agricultural thesaurus published by APIMONDIA by arrangement with the Food
and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. It is used in
conjunction with the AGRIS database produced by FAO. I have a copy of the
English language edition (1992).In the introduction it says the following:

"Within the fremework of the AGRIS and CARIS systems FAO maintains three
AGROVOC versions: English, French and Spanish.- the three FAO working
languages.  Other language versions, including Arabic, German, Italian, and
Portuguese, are now being prepared by national centres, and by groups of
countries sharing a common language."

Check with the nearest agriculture library in your country and ask if they
have a German language edition of AGROVOC. Or contact the AGRIS people at FAO.

Irwin Weintraub
Head, Stephen and Lucy Chang Science Library
Rutgers University, Cook College
Post Office Box 231
New Brunswick, NJ 08903

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>> Defining Sustainable Agriculture
>> 18. June 1997 14:37
>> The definition of sustainable presents a problem for librarians when
>> attempting to search for literature on the subject. The term
>> is so widely used, that it is often applied to any environmental
>As german language has no equivalent for "sustainable", we got this
>"confusion" too.
>Could anyone recommend some sites that define the term 
>in different languages?
>Thanks in advance
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