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For immediate release
For information contact:
Anne Larson
(515) 294-3711

RELEASED:  June 20, 1997


AMES--Anniversaries are times to gauge progress and to set a course for the
future.  The July 30-31 Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture's 10th
anniversary conference will do just that with dynamic workshops,
discussions, keynotes, poster displays, and interactive field tours.

Set for the Scheman Building in Ames, Sustainable Agriculture: Taking
Stock, Moving Forward will mark the tenth anniversary of the Leopold Center
and the Iowa Groundwater Protection Act that created the Center.  The is
also being noted with Governor Terry Branstad's designation of 1997 as the
"Iowa Year of Water."

Leading off as keynote speaker is Paul Johnson, chief of the Natural
Resources Conservation Service.  As an Iowa legislator, Johnson was one of
the architects of the landmark Groundwater Protection Act.

Other keynoters include Pat Boddy, an Iowa communications consultant, and
George Hallberg, director of the University of Iowa Hygienic lab and an
expert on Iowa water.

Two special conference sessions will offer new perspectives on the
philosophies that shaped the Center's mission.  Both sessions will be open
to the public at no charge.

On Wednesday, July 30, at 7:15 p.m., the conference will feature An Evening
with Nina Leopold Bradley and Michael Carey.  Carey, an accomplished poet
and southwest Iowa farmer, will read his poetry and an essay entitled
"Reading and Writing the Land."  Nina Leopold Bradley, daughter of Aldo
Leopold (for whom the Center was named), will offer "Family Memories of
Aldo Leopold."

Concluding the two-day conference will be a panel focusing on Planting the
Future:  Aldo Leopold and Henry A. Wallace on Agriculture's Next Century.
Panelists will be Curt Meine, Aldo Leopold biographer; John Hyde, Henry A.
Wallace biographer; and David Williams, farmer and Leopold Center Advisory
Board member.  The panel is set for Thursday, July 31, at 2:45 p.m.

A host of roundtable and panel discussion sessions, field tours, and
displays and research posters will offer attendees an opportunity to ask
questions and explore new options for farming sustainably.  Sessions will
cover the gamut of Center research, demonstration, and education
activities, including water quality, pest management, food systems, weed
management, and animal and cropping systems.

Special arrangements have been made with a variety of Iowa producers and
community supported agriculture projects to provide eggs, grains,
vegetables, meats, and flowers as part of the meal functions.

Registration fees received before July 15 are $40 for the first day, $30
for the second day, or $60 for both days. After July 15, those fees rise,
respectively, to $45, $35, and $70.  Attendees are asked to register by
July 25.  For more information, contact the Leopold Center by phone, (515)
294-3711; e-mail, <leocenter@iastate.edu>, or the World Wide Web,

        E. Anne Larson                       Leopold Center
        Communications Specialist            for Sustainable Agriculture
        ealarson@iastate.edu                 209 Curtiss Hall, ISU

                                             Ames, IA 50011-1050
        phone:  (515) 294-0626               FAX: (515) 294-9696

        Web page URL:  http://www.ag.iastate.edu/centers/leopold/Leopold.html
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..."Start doing things you think should be done, and start being what you
think society should become.  Do you believe in free speech?  Then speak
freely.  Do you love the truth?  Then tell it.  Do you believe in an open
society?  Then act in the open.  Do you believe in a decent and humane
society?  Then behave decently and humanely."

--Adam Michnik, an architect of Poland's Solidarity Movement