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Re: Bindweed, organic control

On Mon, 23 Jun 1997, Laurie Hodges wrote:

> An organic grower needs ideas on effective organic methods to control
> bindweed in a garden area used for organic vegetable production, mostly
> annual crops. Cultivation seems to be increasing the problem. Has anyone any
> experience with this?

In my experience, bindweed thrives on fertility. As you improve the soil 
the bindweed gets more invasive. This is why rotation is important.

I have observed strong alleopathic effects when spring barley is planted 
in soil infested with bindweed. I seem to remember that it burned down 
the bindweed like an herbicide. You could try a few strips of barley in 
your garden. This effect takes place early in the growth stage of the 
barley. mybe you could incorporate it as a green manure, and plant 
something else after.

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