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Position: 	Soil Ecologist, Assistant Research Scientist, Illinois Natural
History Survey, full-time grant-supported position with funding through June
1998, with possible continuation.

Employer:  	Illinois Natural History Survey, Center for Economic Entomology,
located on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Job Description:	The principal duties of this position are 1) to develop and
test protocols using soil invertebrate communities and biological processes
to supplement soil physical and chemical characteristics as indicators of
the quality of agricultural soil resources in Illinois, and 2) to develop
AgWatch Student and Teacher manuals that will be similar in format to the
other EcoWatch manuals and provide detailed monitoring instructions for
measuring soil quality indicators in agricultural systems.  Various measures
of taxa richness, biotic indices, and proportions of dominant taxa will be
considered.  Testing of protocols will require travel to, and the transport
of equipment and samples into and out of,  field sites in Illinois.
Additional duties will include vouchering of collected material and its
accession into the INHS collections, and submission of results of activities
as technical reports and memoranda to funding agencies.  As time permits,
the successful candidate will be encouraged to pursue independent research
and present information of scientific merit at professional meetings and in
refereed publications.

Qualifications:	A bachelor's degree in an appropriate discipline is
required; a master's degree in an appropriate discipline is desirable.  The
candidate must have knowledge of community ecology, soil ecology, ecological
monitoring and/or soil quality assessment.  Experience in field sampling,
laboratory processing, and analysis of soils and/or soil invertebrates is
desirable, as is the ability to plan, conduct, and complete research
activities.  He or she must be able to make sound value judgments and
express thoughts coherently, both verbally and in writing, to coworkers,
granting agencies, and the scientific and lay communities.  Ability to use
computer systems and software is required.  The ability and willingness to
travel to and collect samples from field sites in the conduct of duties are
necessary.  Must have or obtain a valid Illinois driver's license.

Benefits:	Vacation, sick leave, State Universities Retirement System and
State Health Insurance.  

Salary:	$20,000 to $27,000

Application:	To ensure full consideration, applications should be received
by July 7, 1997.  Send cover letter, resume, and names, addresses, and
telephone numbers of three references to:

	Ms. Jacqueline Sanders, Human Resources Manager, Soil Ecologist, Illinois
Natural History Survey, 607 E. Peabody Drive, Champaign, IL  61820   (217)

Questions:	Specific questions regarding the technical nature of this
position should be referred to Edmond R. Zaborski, Search Chair, Illinois
Natural History Survey, (217) 265-0330, zaborski@uiuc.edu.  

Applicants should note that this position is exempt from the State Personnel
Code and is under the Board of Natural Resources and Conservation (BNRC) and
follows BNRC policies and procedures.  This is not a Bargaining Unit
position nor a Merit Comp position.  The Survey operates as a non-smoking

The Illinois Natural History Survey does not discriminate on the basis of
race, color, sex, national origin, age, or handicap in admission to or
treatment or employment in programs or activities in compliance with the
Illinois Human Rights Act, the Illinois Constitution, Title VII of the 1964
Civil Rights Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended,
and the U.S. Constitution.
Ed Zaborski
Center for Economic Entomology
Illinois Natural History Survey
607 E. Peabody Dr.
Champaign, Illinois  61820
(217) 265-0330
(217) 333-8076 FAX