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Re: organic grape production

Hi Laura,
The May/June 1997 issue (#211) of Biodynamics magazine features an article - 
"Principles of Biodynamic Viticulture" by Alan York - and one entitled 
"Compost Practices for Control of Grape Powdery Mildew."

Gallo Wineries grow grapes organically and many other California wineries 
are converting acres to organic grape production. Check with UC Davis Hort 
Dept for an extension specialist who may be knowledgeable about this.


>     Hello ~
>     I am writing to request sources of infomration on organic grape 
>     production.  Some direct questions that have been asked are: 
>     ~What is a good cover crop to use between rows of vines?
>     ~Soil requirements- especially trace minerals 
>     ~Pest/ Disease Control
>     ~Winter Hardy varieties
>     If you are aware of any organic vineyards- especially those that would 
>     have climatic conditions similar to Northeast , Missouri- I would 
>     appreciate any contacts.  There are some folks here who are interested 
>     in establishing a small vineyard, who would like to visit with organic 
>     producers one on one.
>     Thank you all for any information/ leads!
>     Laura Ann Bergman
>     "Building Sustainable Communities Through Agriculture", facilitator
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