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Re: New/Beginning Farmer Programs

I am forwarding (with the sender's permission) another response I received
from my new farmer program request.   These Vermont folks are sure innovative!

>Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 08:35:32 -0400
>X-Sender: mpeabody@pop.uvm.edu
>To: Tom Johnson <johns632@pilot.msu.edu>
>From: mpeabody@pop.uvm.edu (Mary)
>Subject: Re: New/Beginning Farmer Programs
>The Women's Ag Network (WAgN) is beginning it's third year of programming
>this summer. We are a collaborative effort of the UVM Extension System, the
>UVM Ctr. for Sustainable Ag and the Women's Small Business Program. 
>We offer education and technical assistance to individuals (our target
>audience is women but our offerings are open to all) interested in starting
>or enhancing farms and ag-related businesses. We offer many different
>programs from self-assesment workshops where folks can discover whether or
>not they are suited to self-employment; to Growing Places, which is an
>overview of the skills you would need to build an agricultural business
>plan. In this course we focus on goal development, resource evaluation,
>basic financials, etc. 
>We also offer financial awards to our participants to attend a business plan
>writing course that is currently being offered by one of our collaborators.
>Finally, we offer workshops for more more in-depth coverage, technical
>assistance for one-on-one assistance. We are just beginning to host
>discussion groups and we are planning an advanced version of Growing Places
>focussed on financial management.
>This is a bit rushed but if you'd like more details just let us know.
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