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CSA publications

Hey folks,

I'm collecting CSA handbooks and how-to guides.  I already have:

1. Robyn Van En's "Basic Formula to Create Community Supported Agriculture,"
2. Univ. of California Coop Extension's "CSA..Making the Connection," and
3. Groh and McFadden's "Farms of Tomorrow,"

I have contacted some folks at Iowa State about their CSA resource guide.

I'm looking for fairly comprehensive printed guides, booklets or books (not
Does anyone know of others?

I'll compile and post the results of this query.

Thanks.  -John

John Hendrickson
Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1450 Linden Drive, Room 146
Madison, WI  53706
(608) 265-3704
FAX (608) 265-3020