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Re: The Troubled American Economy - a discussion

There's an interesting article in a recent issue of _Demography_
(November, 1996;  Volume 33(4):  395-412) that deals with many of the
points raised in this summary of Cochrane's article.  It's the
presidential address presented at the annual meetings of the Population
Assocation of America by Douglas S. Massey, entitled "The Age of Extremes: 
Concentrated Affluence and Poverty in the Twenty-first Century". Massey
discusses the polarization of rich and poor in our country, and
sociocultural and political causes and consequences.  

Although Massey's article doesn't address agriculture per se, there are a
lot of important points about social trends which will affect food
production and consumption.  It is a thought-provoking article, and others
on SANet might be interested to see how a demographer interprets these

Molly Anderson
Agriculture, Food and Environment Program
Tufs University School of Nutrition Science and Policy
Medford, Massachusetts  02155-7028