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paper request from Brazil

Hello All

If anyone would care to respond to the second part of this request, I think
that the requestor would greatly appreciate it.  
Thanks very much for your help.  Best wishes to you all

I am a entomologist from Univ Fed. Of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil
and I am badly needing a paper of a  Researcher of your institution.
The paper is: Habitat preferences  of generalist ...
Clark, M.S. et al.
Journal of Entomological Science 1993.v.28(4): 404-416.

Also I would like to receive any other papers from your institution about
no-till or conservation tillage X arthropods.
Thank you in advance foryour cooperation.                         
I remain yours
Dra. Lucia Maria Guedes Diefenbach
Dep. Fitossanidade
Fac. Agronomia
Caixa Postal 776 CEP 90 012-970
Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil