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No Subject

I keep getting asked about genetic engineering and really don't have a good
answer, would you please help?

Are hybrid varieties of seeds genetically engineered?
When Michelle Miller talked about reduced synthetic chemical use, she said
using disease resistant varieties--are these naturally occurring or
genetically engineered?
Using "old varities" of seeds, crop rotations, no-til or minimum till is it
possible to get the same yields as with hybrid varities--in corn, for example?

I hope that I am not the proverbial "can of worms," I would like to be able
to answer the negativism I encounter with something other than "I really
can't answer that question."  

Karen Mundy
Rural Economic Analysis Program
Dept. of Ag. and Applied Econ
Va. Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0401
(540) 231-9443