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Re[2]: organic panic

     Alas, more and more frequently, excessively nosy neighbors are able to 
     control what folks grow on their own property through the use (or 
     maybe mis-use is correct) of homeowners' association covenants.  Some 
     of my neighbors consider vegetable gardens "unsightly" and routinely 
     harass folks who "grow their own."  My only response has been to try 
     to get elected to the board and present a voice of sanity and 
     Good luck on your work.
     M J Davis
     Annandale, VA

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Subject: Re: organic panic
Author:  lesliep@vcgi.uvm.edu at internet-e-mail
Date:    7/22/97 10:58 AM

Sal and Sannetters,
I guess I agree that the momentum of the government and the global 
industrial food supply has already taken away our consumer sovereignty 
(at least until there is a major revolution), but there is another 
option that we must fight even harder to preserve.  Growing one's own 
food and buying from local (preferably known and trusted) sources will 
always be the best way to support sustainable food production and 
maintain food security.  
Leslie Pelch
Burlington, VT