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SO.... who or what is the SouthEastern Composting Association? 

The SouthEastern Composting Association (SECA for short) is..... you!
That is to say that it is an association of individuals such as
yourselves who are assembling for the purpose of meeting one another,
building lasting professional relationships with others in composting,
establishing a network of contacts for future information sharing and
support, and staying current on what is going on where...across your
states, across the region, and ultimately around the U.S.. But, at
whatever level the S.E.C.A. is about you and your needs as a composting
industry professional. There is only one class of membership and THAT is
for the individual. It's also free. It is anticipated that very soon
there will be other regional organizations such as N.E.C.A., N.W.C.A.,
M.W.C.A, W.C.A., $ P.C.A....and we welcome those interested in attending
our initial southeastern meeting. We are NOT in competition with ANY
other association whether trade or professional!

The October 23 & 24 meeting in Lake Lure, North Carolina will consist of
speakers from the primary U.S. Government agencies involved in
composting, speakers from sevral of the major southeastern universities
involved in composting research and education, several interactive
sessions concerning composting issues, breakout sessions for discussion,
initial organizational activities, and information sharing to be taken
back to the individual state groups. SECA will initially consist of the
states of VA, W.VA., KY, N.C., S.C., GA, FLA, AL, TN, ARK, OK, TX, LA,

As this is a very low key, informal function all travel, lodging, and
meals will be up to the individual. This being a beautiful and desirable
location to visit during the fall leaf season, it is recommended that
you make your reservations TODAY! Any offers to assist or otherwise in
the logistics of this conference will be gratefully appreciated. Please
help us to get word of this out to YOUR states as there will be NO
advertising or mailouts.Please feel free to call or write for questions.
Clarence W.  "LARRY"  Walker      

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