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Re: Water for food-A reply from Bayliss

Friends and colleagues,
        In reply to my request for more information on the source of the
water for food figures, Robert Bayliss offered the following:

From: ROBERT BAYLIS <Baylis@cardiff.ac.uk>
To: "Douglas B. Johnson" <djohnso2@facstaff.wisc.edu>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 17:21:11 GMT
Subject: Re: Water
Priority: normal

Dear Douglas B. Johnson

>>         Recently, I forwarded your post on "water for food" to a listserve,
>> "Sustainable Agriculture Network." As you can see from the response below,
>> some members of the list are skeptical of the data. Can you provide us with
>> more information on the study that generated the reported figures?

>I had hoped to get you the precise citation on which the New 
>Scientist report was based.  Unfortunately, our library does not 
>have it.  The New Scientist article is 
>on page 7 of the 1 February 1997 edition.  It is written by Fred 
>Pearce and is entitled "Thirsty meals that suck the world dry."  It 
>is a report on a publication by David Pimentel, a water resource 
>specialist at Cornell University in Ithaca, USA and published in the 
>February issue of Bioscience (not Bioscience Reports which we do have 
>in our library - I checked it).

Does anybody on the list have access to either the British publication, "The
New Scientist," or the February issue of Bioscience. How about the Cornell
folks...any familiarity with the data as presented by Pimental?
Best Wishes,

Douglas B. Johnson, Ph.D.

Outreach Specialist, Quality of Life Project
CSARE (Consortium for Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
c/o CIAS (Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
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