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Re: water for food

>Friends and Colleagues,
>         I agree, the whole table looks suspicious. Perhaps, I should have
>added a qualifier: "The data cited in this post have not been independently
>verified (by me-maybe others have). The views expressed in the message are
>not those of the messenger." I will, however, send a copy of this post to
>the originator of the water for food post and give him a chance to reply. As
>far as I can tell, the source of the data is a British Journal, but for all
>I know, geez, maybe the figures are for livestock in the Sahel desert.
>Perhaps sandy soils account for the spud figure, but I doubt it.
>How about it SANnetters-does anyone have data to support or challenge the
>"New Scientist" data?

I don't know about the livestock data, but 500 liter of water for 1 kg of 
potato (dry matter) is perfectly in the right range of values.

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