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Organic Orchard Soil Management


My info requests to SANET in the past have been so fruitful, I couldn't
resist another.

One of our members is looking for organic apple orchard management
information.  While the information on pest control, pruning, etc. seems to
be available, if not comprehensive, we are having trouble finding resource
materials on soil fertility management, assessing deficiencies, and
organically based fertility programs.

If anyone out there knows of materials which address the above, please
email me directly or post to the list.  I will also forward all responses
to anyone who requests them.  Thanks so much for all your help!


Sean McGovern
Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association
PO Box 82234 Columbus Ohio 43202
(ph) 614/294-3663
(fx) 614/291-3276

For Organic Certification services in Ohio, call Certification Coordinator,
Sylvia Upp at 419/853-4060