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Ag-Impact electronic discussion list and bulletin board

Assessing the Environmental Impacts of Agriculture:
Reannouncing Ag-Impact, an E-Mail Discussion Group

The Ag-Impact Internet discussion group is an international forum for
discussing issues, problems, and progress in developing methods for
assessing the environmental impacts of agriculture.  We hope the discussion
will be useful and interesting to the growing body of researchers and
practitioners working to develop environmental impact assessment systems
and to those involved in the application of environmental impact assessment

We invite you to participate in this dialog.

Ag-Impact provides a forum for open discussion on topics such as:

*  Descriptions of objectives and methods of measurement systems
   models/tools) which assess environmental impacts of agriculture
*  Critiques of environmental impact assessment (EIA) systems, methods,      
   and approaches
*  Identification of target audiences and appropriate uses for different   
   EIA tools
*  Presentation and interpretation results of EIA
*  Adaptation of existing EIA tools to other settings
*  Data and databases for agricultural EIA: sources, availability,     
   quality, identification of and dealing with gaps, etc.
*  Appropriate environmental indicators, test endpoints and decision        
*  Relevant conference and seminar announcements, calls for papers and
   research/extension proposals, job announcements, abstracts and  
   reviews of articles and reports, and interim research reports 
*  Announcement of research plans to encourage collaboration and/or  
   reduce overlap in effort.

Ag-Impact is an automated, e-mail discussion group administered by the
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) in Minneapolis, Minnesota

To subscribe to Ag-Impact
1.  Send e-mail to listproc@mtn.org.
2.  Leave subject line blank.
3.  In the body of the message write:  subscribe Ag-Impact your name

For example: 	subscribe Ag-Impact Mary Black

To post a message to the entire discussion group, send to: 


Please give an appropriate subject heading. 
Only subscribers may post to the list. 

To unsubscribe, send the message:  unsubscribe Ag-Impact	
to listproc@mtn.org

If you have questions about the administration or content of the list,
contact John Vickery, jvickery@iatp.org

John Vickery, Program Associate
Environment & Agriculture
Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy
2105 1st Ave., S.
Minneapolis, MN  55404-2505
612-870-3430;  FAX -4846