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INFOTERRA: Egypt says "no" to genetically engineered food

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>Subject: INFOTERRA: Egypt says "no" to genetically engineered food
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>Egypt Says No To Genetically Engineered Food
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>CAIRO, July 20 (Reuter) - Egypt's main wheat importer said on
>Sunday he was not thinking of buying wheat until the issues raised
>by a government import ban on genetically engineered grain were
>settled. Egypt issued a decree that it would require imports of
>commodities meant for human consumption to be accompanied by proof
>that genetic engineering was not used in their production. The
>decree also said that any imported grain or pulses must be
>accompanied by a certificate saying it has not been genetically
>altered. "A freezing in the world market concerning Egypt will
>continue for 15 to 20 days," Samir Shakankiri, vice chairman of the
>state's General Authority for Supply Commodities (GASC), told
>Reuters. "We have ceased watching the market until this problem is
>solved." "We used to watch the market to buy when prices go down.
>Even if we could get the wheat for free, we would not buy it
>because it would not enter the country without the certificate,"
>he added. Shakankiri, whose organisation is the biggest wheat
>importer in Egypt, said contacts were underway with exporting
>governments to see how they could issue such certificates. Egypt
>imports about six million tonnes of wheat a year from suppliers
>including U.S., France, Australia, and Argentina. U.S. industry
>sources in Cairo said they were trying to set up a meeting soon
>with Egyptian authorities for an explanation of why the decree was
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