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Re: Say Good-Bye to Lawns

> Living on the Earth, August 1, 1997: Say Good-bye to Lawns
> One of these real hot summer days, about noon, go stand in the middle of a large
> lawn. There's no shade. You become hot and thirsty very quickly.  Here comes the
> lawn-service crew to care for the grass the way advertisements say they should.
> What is it today?  A high-nitrogen, energy-intensive fertilizer, or an insect
> poison sprayed on the soil?  Maybe it's an herbicide designed to kill anything
> that is edible or flowering. 

I fully agree with your letter, and living in one of the growing 
amount of ecological managed cities in Holland I'm proud to say that 
there are NO pesticides used in the green area's (very little on some 
streets and some parkingspaces) and there are flowers in and around 
the lawns. Gras on the outter parts of the city and along some of the canals 
is mowed only 2 times a year so it's nice and green most of the year.
High intensity mowing between housingblocks however is still done 22 times 
(each week) because they can  leave the grassclippings.
The city is very proud of its trees and green places so there are 
very regular excusions organised by the city  and other org's to  give people 
information about plant and animallife in and around the city.

(see the greenmap on my site)

Frits v/d Laan
Organic Horticulture
The Netherlands

(no spamming)