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Re: S.E.C.A. Update & Invitation to representatives of other regions and countries

John A. Keslick, Jr. wrote:

> I have asked for a list of posible chemicals going down teh drains and a list of teh chemicals you are testing for in bio-solids/ sludge.

In response:
Maybe I am naive, but I truly believe that anyone who reads the
following , participates in our discussions and concerns, and actually
researches the incredible polluting that is done by landfills at all
levels...water, air, and soil...will recognize that composting and
recycling are inseparable as the only logical and sound solution to our
HUGE organic waste problem. In fact, composting of nonrecycleable
organic wastes, when done safely, responsibly and professionally to the
rigid standards that we represent make the perfect humate and mineral
rich amendmend to enliven our soils. COMPOSTING IS THE ULTIMATE AND
NATURAL FINAL METHOD OF RECYCLING! I would be more than happy to provide
samples and test results to anyone who is seriously and objectively
interested. You will see below that we ARE totally interested in the
environment, ecology, and agriculture:

You would be a valuable asset to the WASTENOT list..are you familiar
with it? The following will give you some insight
Over the past many months my dream was to somehow use today's
communications technology to develop an international clearinghouse for
ideas, the exchange of information, sharing of practical experience,
problem resolution, and exciting new research and systems. My paradigm
was one of developing a "brain trust" of professionals from across a
wide spectrum of our global society that was composed of those who
understood the synergy to be gained through viewing the millions of tons
of organic wastes that we generate daily as an asset... not a liability
in need of burying or dumping. 

Taking this one step further, I studied and was soon made aware of a
second problem area in need of resolution, namely, the depletion of
minerals and the ruination of the worlds prime farm lands through failed
agricultural practices. The more I investigated this, the clearer it
became that THIS is a problem of world wide dimensions that will
ultimately affect us all..especially when combined with the world's
population growth. As the population grows, as we become more
industrialized there is more waste, more pollution, and less viable
growing area. I don't know about you, but I have three children and
don't see this as much of a legacy. BUT, it doesn't have to be this way
if we recognize our role as stewards of a very precious gift and then
work to plot a new course. SO..first we define the problem and adopt a
new paradigm to convert the problem to an opportunity. THIS is where you
all come in..

Soil scientists, business leaders, farmers, researchers, educators,
waste site managers, agricultural engineers, extension workers,
municipal workers, government representatives.....whoever you are and
whatever you do THIS is YOUR forum. What are the problems, what are the
needs, where do these wastes come from, what are they, how are they
gathered, what are the most workable processes, standards, models for
approaching the problems, do we need new systems or tools, is what we
have safe, efficient, and scalable..?

And perhaps most importantly, what is needed to get the converted waste
back into the soils in a safe and proven method that is economically
viable and practical? You farmers, horticulturists, landscapers,
agriculturists...what are your needs. Are there other markets and how
should the end products be tested, packaged, and made available. Do we
need new government and industry standards, grants, lobbying, publicity,
an international association that includes all involved? WHATEVER!

As you can see, there is no shortage of topics for discussion. Who is
out there from the international community?

And lastly, please help to spread the work by passing on information
about this forum to others that you feel would be valuable to our
discussions and willing to confine themselves to our guidelines
regarding ethics and professionalism.

WASTENOT on listserv@maelstrom.stjohns.edu
   WASTENOT is an unmoderated discussion and forum for the professional
exchange of information and communication among those in the research
of, management, design, implementation, processing, treatment, analysis,
regulation, marketing and distribution, or usage of organic wastes and
the compostable materials whether from industrial, commercial,
municipal, or agricultural sources. The driving principal and purpose of
this forum shall be the fostering of any and all positive research,
practices, or communication that will create a synergy between the
worldwide problems of organic waste dissolution and soil/agricultural
depletion to convert such "WASTES" into a tremendous agricultural,
horticultural, ecological, and economically valuable asset. Each day
around the world millions of tons of organic wastes are generated.
Meanwhile, our soils are depleted, poisoned, salted, and demineralized
as their vital life forms die, humus erodes away, and vital minerals
depleted. Both of these concerns should cross all industry, government,
and agriculture boundaries through the concerted efforts of researchers,
agriculturalists, industry, government, manufacturers, farmers,
horticulturists, landscape designers, municipal planners, and all! This
is one case of where a true synergy can be developed through using
today's communications capabilities to discuss, develop, share,
implement, and educate. This is not a commercial venture. 

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