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Re: organic waste

> Nobody in their right mind would recommend the making or use of compost
> that is not fully stabilized and remediated nor could they ever support
> burying ANY organic waste in landfills! I certainly have not...but, I
> HAVE invited the naysayers to objectively tell me direct benefits..other
> than behind the scenes affiliation or funding..for burying millions of
> tons of unremediated organics daily. I also HAVE offered to provide test
> results of finished compost. And, I HAVE even offered to provide samples
> from where we have composted remediated leachate fields, MSW, sludge,
> and carcasses using exactly the approach described above.
>  This material, whatever it once was, has been naturally cleansed in the
> same way that we all will be and as has been done for millions of years. 

At the moment there is a very good working system of separating 
organic waste from 'rest'wastes in Holland.
This system for separating householdwaste worked even better than expected
so there were problems handling the amounts of organic waste here.
The whole system is regulated by law.
The compost is divided in clean or very clean etc. from which the 
cleanest part can be used in the certified organic agriculture.
Because it's often high in calcium the use is somewhat limited.
Heavy metals can sometimes be a problem in the less clean composts 
 but the use of them is phased out,  
 for batteries there also is a good working separation system.
At my own nursery the mount of organic waste is allmost 0% (just a 
few stubs [ from older trees that would take too long to break down] per year) 
everything else is reused as mulch and for nesting/winteringplaces and will be 
composted slowly and naturally.
Frits v/d Laan
Organic Horticulture
The Netherlands

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