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Re: The Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture Newsletter


We have quite a bit of info on the corporate hog-farming controversy at our
website, most of it linked through our Farm Policy menu at:


If you or anyone else have good links we should add (or articles we should
add to our site) on the subject, please send them my way.

Craig Cramer

Sustainable Farming Connection
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"The water will never clear up 'til you get the hogs out of the creek."
-- Jim Hightower

At 08:56 AM 8/12/97 EDT, you wrote:
>Jim Horne,
>Long time no see.  
>Could you please send more information on "  -Controversy over corporate
>hog farming was a major impetus of new
>    legislation in Oklahoma".  I am working with groups in Arkansas and
>Kentucky interested in such legislation.  It promises to be the big issue
>in the Kentucky legislature this winter.
>Jim Worstell, Coordinator
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