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WANTED: Ethical, professional, men and women with vision, drive, and the
desire to use their talents, knowledge, skills, and experience to serve
their community, their region, and their industry. We need your help!

The time has come for the International Composting Association to go
beyond the dream into the process of organizing the various local,
regional, and national organizations...all united by our common
committment to excellence, communications, professionalism and the
raising up of the arts and sciences of composting. We need you!

As all know by now, we are currently planning for the first meeting of
the South Eastern Region...can you lead the drive in your area? Whether
on the state level, or regional level it is time to begin talking
together and meeting together with composting and composting related
issues and concerns being the primary tie that binds us together. You
and your associates ARE the association!

Regardless of your country or what you call your geo/socio/political
boundaries it is time for the idea to become a reality. What can YOU do
in your area? How can we work together. Can you hold a meeting in your
home, a hotel, an auditorium. Can you reach out through the telephone
and the internet to spread the word among YOUR associates?

Soon we will announce the address for our own ICA homepage and our first
International meeting. Until then, can you share with all of us what is
being done in your area. As a framework until we can all meet together
please feel free to refer to the bylaws and code of ethics that is
temporarily posted at my website listed below.

ALSO, everyone with unique talents, organizational, marketing,
communications, administrative, artistic, or other skills would
certainly be welcomed to help us. This is YOUR association.

HELP US PLEASE AS WE REALIZE THE DREAM.....and make the dream reality!


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