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I.C.A. and The Composting Forum Working Together For a Safer Tomorrow !!!!

As everything that the I.C.A. has done to date has been done openly and
in public...as will always be the case I am taking the liberty of
sharing the following with those of you who are working so hard as we
build the I.C.A..

>From Jim Wimberly...President, The Compost Council

        Sun, 17 Aug 1997 16:16:44 -0500
        Jim Wimberly <wimbo@arkansas.net>


I have just logged on to your two list serves and will start actively
monitoring the discussions (to the extent that time allows!). 

We really need to discuss what is going on in the world of composting in
general and, more specifically, and what all is going on regarding the
ICA and the various chapters that are apparently being established at
this time.  It's important that all of the board and the members of the
Composting Council know about and understand your intentions and
activities; I'd like to bring it to their attention as soon as possible.

Can we talk by phone this week?  How about Wednesday morning, say 10 am
your time (9 mine)?  This will give us an opportunity to compare notes
at length, enable me to better understand what activities are underway
and upcoming, report back to the board of the CC, and identify ways in
which the various composting initiatives can be complementary and

I look forward to talking with you.  Please let me know if Wednesday
morning is not acceptable, and we can identify another time that is
mutually convenient.


Jim Wimberly
President--The Composting Council (since October 1996)

My reply to Jim.....subject to your comments and approval....

I would suggest that the tie between the I.C.A. and the Compost Council
be as Associate Societies..i.e., associated, with the right of regular
attendance by a couple of designated representatives at the previously
announced public meetings of the respective societies, but without
voting or other participatory/governing rights, which are reserved for
regular members on a regional basis to assure a balance in

 Our bylaws, structure, and code of ethics are temporarily on my web
site. While the I.C.A. is a society of, by, and for the individual you
will see that the voting is representational in nature through the
region. Regions are not based upon nationalism, but rather upon
population and the development of communications and networking. 

There will be state and smaller chapters, but voting, as outlined in the
bylaws, will be through the region.. Beyond the chapter level will be
the region. Beyond the region will be the international board of
directors and international officers.

 No one person will have the individual right to speak for the society
as this direction setting will be based upon the will of the individuals
as reflected through their regional representatives on the board of
directors and any directions, decisions, funding, or other issues will
be strictly in adherance to the bylaws as enforced by the elected board
and the officers.

 Therefore, no company or individual will be able to state that they
represent the society or that their company or product has been approved
by the society. However, at a later date the society may, based upon
supported research programs, the findings of the proper professional
committee, and with prior board approval, pass standards such that a
company could state that a given product was designed per I.C.A.
Standard ABCD.1324.a.

The I.C.A. whether at the level of the smallest local chapter or up to
and including is first and foremost a professional and vocational
society with all other functions specifically for the purpose of the
lifting up and support of the individual in the craft and in the
industry. That which is done will be based upon the individual will as
refected through the chapter, the region, and the elected board of

 While supporting research, research institutions, and institutions of
higher education the I.C.A. will rigidly maintain independence from anyy
associations, funding, or influence  that might either negate the role
of the individual or jeopardize research or standards integrity. 

I will look forward to our discussion on Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. E.S.T.,
but cannot make any commitments on behalf of the society with first
taking all thoughts or suggestions to the society. I am very pleased
,however, both personally and on behalf of the industry to applaud your
clarification of recent events and your interest in a cooperative effort
in the future. We would value your membership as a professional in the
I.C.A.! Peace be with you.     Clarence W. Walker  

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