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invitation to NEFOOD-L

          NEFOOD-L:  Creating New Connections in the Northeast

You are invited to join a new ONLINE FORUM called NEFOOD-L.  NEFOOD-L is
an electronic mail list that allows subscribers to post messages to one
address (nefood-l@sardonyx.tufts.edu), and have those messages distributed
by email to all of the other subscribers on the list. 

NEFOOD-L was created in July, 1997, in response to interest in improving
networking and communications among organizations in the Northeast
involved in various sectors of the food system.  It is also part of an
initiative to create a regional food security/food systems partnership,
discussed at the "New Connections in the Northeast Food System" conference
held last March in Hartford.

...is a network of individuals and organizations working on community food
security and sustainable food systems in the six New England states, New
York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. COMMUNITY FOOD SECURITY promotes
comprehensive strategies to provide an affordable and quality food supply
for all members of a community, and addresses a broad range of problems
affecting the food system, economic opportunity, community development,
and the environment. SUSTAINABLE FOOD SYSTEMS use environmentally-sound
practices in all stages of food supply: production, distribution,
consumption and disposal of wastes.  

...provides an opportunity for people in organizations involved in
anti-hunger, sustainable agriculture, community development, education,
urban gardening, economic development, community food security, local food
systems, horticulture, direct marketing, culinary arts, environmentalism,
land preservation, public health, nutrition, and other related fields to
discuss common ground and opportunities for working together

...encourages requests to locate specific information on topics of
interest or to find others doing projects, research, or other activities
related to your work; requests for technical assistance on designing or
implementing projects; brief descriptions of your organization's
activities; announcements of events; job notices or internship

Other electronic lists (e.g. the Sustainable Agriculture Network,
and Ag-Impact) already provide a useful forum for discussions and exchange
of information on topics within particular fields. NEFOOD-L has been
created to form new connections among individuals and organizations
focusing on community food security and sustainable food systems, not to 
duplicate other lists.

If you use email regularly, and are interested in participating in the
NEFOOD-L email forum, please send the following message (with your name
added) to the automated server at listproc@listproc.tufts.edu (no subject
line is necessary):

Please circulate this invitation if you know others who would be
interested in being part of the NEFOOD-L list. If you have questions about
NEFOOD-L, contact Ann Cherin, List Manager, at acherin@emerald.tufts.edu

NEFOOD-L is sponsored by the Community Food Security Northeast Partnership
(CFS-NP), including Hartford Food System, Northeast Sustainable
Agriculture Working Group (NESAWG), and the Agriculture, Food, and
Environment Program at Tufts University