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pesticides, drinking water & the research literature

Your first step should be to go to a university library to conduct a
thorough literature search.  If you are unfamiliar with how to do this, the
librarian should be able to assist.   I would imagine that the literature over
the last two decades on agricultural chemicals and drinking water is

>>> Robert J. Wasick Jr. <rwasick@falstaff.ucs.indiana.edu> 08/19/97
10:01pm >>>
I am doing a research paper on the effects of agricultural chemicals on
drinking water.  Do you have any information in this area.

I could not agree more strongly with the above reply to the question on
pesticides and drinking water.  A thorough literature search is the
absolute prerequisite to any research paper/project and that cannot be done
surfing the web.  A huge percentage of existing information is still
available only through libraries.  It will probably be generations rather
than years before *everything* (if that is even possible) is in electronic
form and available over some future version of the WEB.

Good luck with your hunt.  I know that your IU librarians will be glad to
help you.


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