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Field Day-Hogs on Pasture

A field day featuring hog production from farrow to finish on pasture will 
be part of a field day on August 30 in LaGrange County, Indiana (near the 
Michigan and Ohio borders. Greg Gunthorp (a subscriber to this list) will 
host visitors to his farm east of LaGrange, Indiana. His operation features 
a low cost production system on diverse forages. Greg will market about 1000 
hogs that were farrowed and raised on a little more than 100 acres at a cost 
in the mid to upper $20's/100 pounds. Fall farrowing will begin any day now 
and this will be the first litters produced with Tamworth boars purchased 
this year.

The field day begins at the Andy Stroop farm at 9 am EST (same as CDT or 
Chicago time and one hour later than Michigan and Ohio time). This farm 
features field crops in transition to organic grain production using 
mechanical weed control including a Lely weeder. At noon the tour moves to 
the Gunthorp farm for a lunch of pork burgers, sweetcorn, etc., and a tour 
of the farm.

The cost of the day is $5 including lunch and registration is required (you 
can email me for registration). The Stroop farm is located at 4820 N County 
Road 1100 East (11 miles east of Howe, Indiana on State Road 120, south on 
1100 E to the second house on west side of road). Signs will be posted.

Also, please mark your calendar for an Alternative Hog Production Conference 
on December 5, 1997 in West Lafayette, Indiana. Featured speakers will 
include Mark Honeyman from Iowa State University (hoop houses, etc.) and 
Greg Gunthorp. Don't miss this one if you are interested in hog production 
alternatives to large confinement operations.

Steve Bonney, President
Indiana Sustainable Agriculture Association
100 Georgton Ct.
W. Lafayette IN 47906
(317) 463-9366, fax (317) 497-0164
email sbonney@iquest.net