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Regional Manure Mgt. Conference (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 14:21:01 -0500
From: Ron Struss <strussr@uwec.edu>
To: Multiple recipients of list <ag-impact@freedom.mtn.org>
Subject: Regional Manure Mgt. Conference


Call for Sessions and Papers (due 9/12)


February 10 - 12, 1998
Iowa State Center, Ames, Iowa

Soil and Water Conservation Society - North Central Region

*   Mark your calendars!!!
*   Submit proposals for sessions and papers!!!


Targeted at those who provide technical and educational assistance to
livestock producers, AND livestock producers themselves.  One intent is to
build understanding between livestock producers and the broader public they

Conference will focus on:   

    *   The importance of livestock production to society
    *   Nutrient management planning
    *   Zoning and community impact of large facilities
    *   Odor control
    *   Manure handling and storage
    *   Legal and regulatory issues
    *   Economics and funding initiatives
    *   Manure management alternatives

This conference is a follow-up to the Soil and Water Conservation Society's
draft policy on "Effective Management of Animal Manure" found at

Interested in submitting a paper?

Submit your proposal to Bob Ball, Program Chairperson, by mail, fax, disk,
or email by September 12.  Proposal selection will be made December 5.
Whenever possible, papers should address societal concerns along with
science based information.

Bob Ball, NRCS, Parkade Center, Suite 250, 601 Business Loop 70 West,
Columbia, MO 65203
TEL:  573-876-0900    FAX:  573-876-0913    EML:  bobb@mo.nrcs.usda.gov

Interested in exhibiting?

Contact Paul Miller, Arrangements Chairperson at:
TEL:  515-284-4370    EML:  paul.miller@ia.nrcs.usda.gov