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	Alternative Farming Systems Information Center (AFSIC)
	USDA/ARS/National Agricultural Library, Room 304
	10301 Baltimore Avenue, Beltsville, MD  20705-2351
	SARE Grants Calendar

	August 18, 1997

Sponsored by the Sustainable Agriculture Network

Now available on the World Wide Web at 
Or go to the SAN home page www.ces.ncsu.edu/san/ 
and click on News Annoucements and Events.

If you would like us to include your events, please send the event name, 
place, contact, and sponsor, to Alternative Farming Systems Information 
Center, ATTN: SAN Calendar, Room 304, National Agricultural Library, 
10301 Baltimore Avenue, Beltsville, MD 20705-2351.  FAX (301) 504-6409; 
Internet: san@nal.usda.gov


Saturday, 23 August 1997 -- Wellsboro, PA 
      Title: "Northern Penn Holistic Management Network Pasture Walk with 
		Jim Weaver" 
      Sponsor: Northern Penn Holistic Management Network 
      Contact: Jim Weaver 
                    717-724-7788 (tel)
                    jaweaver@epix.net (e-mail)

Monday, 25 August 1997 -- Albany, New York  
      Title: "BioCycle Northeast Conference '97. Composting and 
		Organics Recycling: Making the Economics Work" 
      Sponsor: BioCycle Journal of Composting & Recycling 
      Contact: 1-800-661-4905 (tel) 
Monday, 1 September 1997 -- Canberra, Australia
      Title: "Integrated Catchment/Watershed Management Workshop"
      Sponsor: The Soil and Water Conservation Society of Australia, 
	The River Basin Management Society, Centre for Water Policy Research
      Contact:  Centre for Water Policy Research,
	          The University of New England, Armidale, NSW, 2351
                      61 67 732 420 (tel)
                      61 67 733 327 (fax)
                      cwpr@metz.une.edu.au (e-mail)
 Thursday, 4 September 1997 -- Los Angeles, CA
     Title: "Sustainable Tree Care: An Intensive Course in Soil 
		Fertility, Tree Health and Insect/Disease Resistance"
      Sponsor: McCullough's Tree Care, Inc.
      Contact: Patrick McCullough
                    818-248-4425 (tel)
                    818-248-9522 (fax)
                    sustainabletreecare@org (e-mail)
      Remarks: The workshop will be held at the University of California, 
Los Angeles Sunset Village Complex/Horizon Room.
Sunday, 7 September 1997 -- San Diego 
      Title: "Basic Organic Farm and Process Inspector Training Courses"  
      Sponsor: The Independent Organic Inspectors Association (IOIA) 
      Contact: 507-454-8310 (tel)
                    507-454-8310 (fax)
                    jriddle@luminet.net (e-mail)

      Remarks: Cost for the course, (which includes tuition, meals and 
lodging), is $650.00 for IOIA members and $750.00 for non-members. 
Deadline for course registration is August 20, 1997. 

Monday, 8 September 1997 -- Madison, WI 
      Title: "Farming Systems Analysis: Tools to Accomplish the Task" 
      Sponsor: University of Wisconsin Sustainable Agriculture Task Force 
      Contact: Michele Miller 
                    608-262-7135 (tel)
                    608-262-5217 (fax)
                    mmmille6@facstaff.wisc.edu (e-mail)

Tuesday, 9 September 1997 -- Napoleon, OH
      Title: "Profitable Farming In A Changing Environment: Rich Bennett 
Farm 		Tour"
      Sponsor: Ohio State University Extension
      Contact: OSU Extension
                    330-627-4310 (tel)
Wednesday, 10 September 1997 -- Albuquerque, NM 
     Title: "Ranching For Profit School" 
     Sponsor: Range Management Consultants 
     Contact: Elaine Kelly 
                   505-898-7417 or 505-821-4214 (tel)

Friday, 12 September 1997 -- Willits, CA 
     Title: "Biointensive Sustainable Mini-Farming: A three-day workshop" 
     Sponsor: Ecology Action 
     Contact: 707- 459-0150 (tel)
Saturday, 13 September 1997 -- Scott County, MN 
     Title: "Land Stewardship Project 15th Anniversary Celebration" 
     Sponsor: LSP
     Contact: Rebecca Kilde
                   612-653-0618 (tel)
                   612-653-0589 (fax)

Saturday, 13 September 1997 -- Seattle, WA 
    Title: "Tilth Organic Harvest Fair"
    Sponsor: Seattle Tilth 
                   206-633-0451 (tel)
                   206-633-0450 (fax) 

Monday, 15 September 1997 -- Des Moines, IA 
    Title: "Sustainable Communities Midwest Conference"
    Contact: Garth Frable 
                   515-281-5105 (tel)  
                   gfrable@max.state.ia.us (e-mail)
Tuesday, 16 September 1997 -- Peoples  Republic of China
     Title: "International Symposium on Soil Erosion and Dryland Farming"
     Sponsor: Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, 
		Soil and Water Conservation Society
                   +86-910-701-2411 (tel) 
                   +86-910-701-2210 (fax)
                   office@ms.iswc.ac.cn (e-mail)  
     http://soils.ecn.purdue.edu/~sedf97/sedf97.html (url)
Wednesday, 17 September 1997 -- Baltimore, MD 
      Title: "Natural Products Expo East"
      Sponsor: New Hope Natural Media 
      Contact: Susan Beninati 
                    303-939-8440 ext.207 (tel)
                    303-939-9559 (fax)
                    expo@newhope.com (e-mail)
                    http://www.newhope.com (url)

Wednesday, 17 September 1997 -- Australia
      Title: "Australian National Landcare Conference"
      Contact: Andrew Curtis
                    +61-8-83039339 (tel)
                    +61-8-83039320 (fax)
                    landacre@pi.sa.gov.au (e-mail)
                    http://www.pi.sa.gov.au./landcare/natconf.htm (url)
Friday, 19 September 1997 -- Mason, MI 
      Title: "Michigan Organic Food & Farm Alliance 3rd Annual Festival" 
      Sponsor: M.O.F.F.A. 
      Contact: Betty Edmunds 
                    810-632-7952 (tel) 
                    810-632-7620 (fax)
                    hnccinc@ismi.net (e-mail)

Tuesday, 23 September 1997 -- Linneus, MO
      Title: "Sustainable Beef Management Workshop"
      Sponsor: NCAT/ATTRA (Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas)
      Contact: Ann Wells or Ron Morrow
                    1-800-346-9140 (tel)
                    http://www.attra.org/beef/ (url)

Friday, 26 September 1997 -- Elko, NV 
      Title: "North American Executive Link Conference on Ranching for 
      Contact: Mara Kolter 
                    505-899-6016 (tel)

Tuesday, 30 September 1997 -- Nebraska City, NE 
      Title: "Biomass Fuel Cell Power for Rural Development" 
      Sponsor: US Dept of Energy 
      Contact: Jean Ku 
                    203-825-6215 (tel)
                    erc!jku@attmail.com (e-mail)

Friday, 3 October 1997 -- Wilsonville, OR
      Title: "Provender Alliance's 20th Annual Conference: Cultivating 
		Green Economics"
      Sponsor: The Provender Alliance
      Contact: Kathleen Downey
                    541-688-4415 (tel)
                    541-688-4493 (fax)
                    provender@aol.com (e-mail)
                    http://www.slnet.com/prov (url)
      Remarks: Wilsonville, OR is just south of Portland. Provender means 
"provisions" or "foodstuffs."
Friday, 3 October 1997 -- Charles Town, WV
      Title: "Alan Chadwick: 30 Years Later (1997 Mid-Atlantic 
		Biodynamic Conference)"
      Sponsor: Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association
      Contact: Allan Balliett
                    304-876-2373 (tel)
                    304-876-9414 (fax)
                    biodynamics@biodynamics.com (e-mail)
      Remarks: Students of Alan Chadwick's who are interested in 
participating as speakers or workshop leaders should contact Allan 
Balliett (304-876-2373 or  biodynamics@biodynamics.com) immediately.
Friday, 3 October 1997 - Sebastopol, CA 
       Title: "Permaculture Intro Course in Sebastopol (CA)" 
       Sponsor: Sweetwater Farm CSA 
       Contact: Keith Johnson 
                     707-829-5524 (tel)
                     keithdj@sonic.net (e-mail)

Saturday, 4 October 1997 -- Penns Creek, PA
      Title: "3rd Annual PASA Harvest Festival"
      Sponsor: Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA)
      Contact: PASA 814-349-9856 (tel)
      Remarks: A bus tour of area farms will take place on Friday, 
October 3.
Monday, 6 October 1997 -- Huntsville, AL 
      Title: "The Second National Shiitake Mushroom Symposium" 
      Sponsor: Alabama A&M University  
      Contact: Cathy Sabota 
                    205-851-5710 (tel)
                    205-851-5840 (fax)
                    aamcms01@asnaam.aamu.edu (e-mail)

Monday, 6 October 1997 -- Rockville, MD
      Title: "Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) 46th Annual Meeting: 
Agricultural Research: Funding Now to Ensure Food for the Future."
      Sponsor: Agricultural Research Institute
      Contact: Agricultural Research Institute
                    301-530-7122 (tel)
      Remarks: The meeting will be held at the Double Tree Hotel - 
Rockville, Maryland.
Tuesday, 7 October 1997 -- Springfield, TN
      Title: "Sustainable Beef Management Workshop"
      Sponsor: NCAT/ATTRA (Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas)
      Contact: Ann Wells or Ron Morrow
                    1-800-346-9140 (tel)
                    http://www.attra.org/beef/ (url) 

Thursday, 9 October 1997 -- University of Tennessee 
     Title: "Sustainable Beef Management Workshop" 
     Sponsor: Tennessee Highland Rim Experiment Station 
     Contact: Ann Wells or Ron Morrow
                   1-800-346-9140 (tel)
                   http://www.attra.org/beef/ (url)

Saturday, 11 October 1997 -- Mansfield, PA 
     Title: "Northern Penn Holistic Management Network Pasture Walk: 
		Kress Simpson (KTS Farms)" 
     Sponsor: Northern Penn Holistic Management Network 
     Contact: Jim Weaver 
                   717-724-7788 (tel)
                   jaweaver@epix.net (e-mail)
      Remarks: For all walks: Time: 10am till 3pm. Cost: $10 for each 
      Lunch provided by: Northern Penn Holistic Management Network 

Saturday, 11 October 1997 -- Portland, OR
      Title: "Pesticides, Communities, and Change: Celebrating 20 Years 
		of Activism" 
      Sponsor: Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides 
      Contact: Becky Long 
                    541-344-5044 (tel) 
                    541-344-6923 (fax)
                    blong@pesticide.org (e-mail)

Friday, 17 October 1997 -- Austin, TX 
      Title: "BioEnergy Options for Municipalities" 
      Sponsor: Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association (TREIA) 
      Contact: Russel E. Smith 
                    512-345-5446 (tel)
                    512-345-6831 (fax)
                    r1346@aol.com (e-mail) 

Friday, 17 October 1997 -- Waimea, HI 
     Title: "Biointensive Sustainable Mini-Farming Workshop"  
     Contact: Cynthia Raiser Jeavons 
                   707-459-0150 (tel)
                   707-459-5409 (fax)
     Remarks: Application deadline: Sept. 17, 1997 

Tuesday, 21 October 1997 -- Sergiev Posad, Moscow Oblast (Russia)
      Title: "The 3rd Annual International Conference: Issues of 
		Ecological Security Agriculture"
      Sponsor: Center for Citizen Initiatives-USA (CCI)
      Contact: Will Easton
                    415-346-1875 (tel)
                    415-346-3731 (fax)
                    http://www.igc.org/cci/ecoag.html (url)
      Remarks: Conference presentations and written submissions should be 
sent to the Organizing Committee of the conference no later than Aug 10, 
Friday, 24 October 1997 -- Los Angeles, CA 
      Title: "Community Food Security Conference"
      Sponsor: Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC) 
      Contact: Andy Fisher 
                    310-822-5410 (tel) 
                    asfisher@aol.com (e-mail) 
      Remarks: Conference will be held on the UCLA campus. 
Tuesday, 28 October 1997 -- Kutztown, PA 
      Title: "Regenerative Agriculture for the 21st Century" 
      Sponsor: The Rodale Institute 
      Contact: Jane Fisher 
                    610-683-1428 (tel) 

Friday, 31 October 1997 -- San Francisco, California 
       Title: "Bioneers Visionary Solutions For Restoring The Earth" 
       Sponsor: The Collective Hertitage Institute 
                      505-986-0366 (tel)
                      505-986-1644 (fax)
                      chisf@aol.com (e-mail)
                      http://www.bioneers.org (url)

Sunday, 2 November 1997 -- Welches (Mt Hood), OR 
       Title: "3rd North American Workshop of Farming Systems Research 
		& Extension Association"  
       Contact: Dr. Ray William 
                williamr@bcc.orst.edu (e-mail)

Monday, 3 November 1997 -- San Diego, California 
       Title: "Annual International Research Conference on Methyl 
		Bromide Alternatives and Emissions Reductions" 
       Sponsor: Methyl Bromide Alternatives Outreach 
       Contact: Anna 
                     209-447-2127 (tel)
                     209-436-0692 (fax) 

Tuesday, 4 November 1997-- St. Francis, KS 
       Title: "Introduction to Holistic Management" 
       Sponsor: Western Prairie RC&D 
       Contact: Norma Van Nostrand
                     913-462-2602 (tel)
Friday, 7 November 1997 -- Columbia, MO 
       Title: "5th Annual Small Farm Trade Show & Conference" 
       Sponsor: Small Farm Today Magazine 
       Contact: Chuck DeCourley 
                     1-800-633-2535 (tel)
                     573-687-3148 (fax) 

Saturday, 8 November 1997 -- Great Barrington, MA 
       Title: "Northeast Regional CSA Conference"
       Sponsor: CSA of North America         
       Contact: Elizabeth Keen 
                     413-528-4374 (tel)

Thursday, 13 November 1997 -- Luxembourg
       Title: "Third International Conference on Grey Literature: 
Perspectives on the Design and Transfer of Scientific and Technical 
       Sponsor: Commission of the European Communties
       Contact: TransAtlantic/GreyNet 
                      31-20-671.1818 (tel)
                      GreyNet@inter.nl.net (e-mail)
                      http://www.konbib.nl/infolev/greynet/home.html (url)

Friday, 14 November 1997 -- State College, PA
      Title: "Preserving Crop Diversity and Saving Seeds in the Northeast"
      Sponsor: Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA)
      Contact: Dr. Carolyn Sachs
                    814-863-8641 (tel)
      Remarks: Keynote speakers include: Kent Whealy from the Seed Savers 
Exchange and Pat Mooney from the Rural Advancement Fund International.
Friday, 14 November 1997 -- Minneapolis, MN 
      Title: "The Soul of Agriculture: A New Production Ethic for the 
		21st Century" 
      Sponsor: Center for Respect of Life and the Environment 
      Contact: Roger Blobaum 
                    202-537-0191 (tel)
                    202-537-0192 (fax)
                    CRLE@aol.com (e-mail)
                    http://www.center1.com/crle.html (url) 

Friday, 14 November 1997 -- Hendersonville, NC 
      Title: "Carolina Farm Stewardship Association's 12th Annual Sustainable
              Agriculture Conference: Celebrating Local Farms, Food and 
      Sponsor: Carolina Farm Stewardship Association
      Contact: Laura Lauffer 
                    919-542-2402 (tel)
                    cfsa@sunsite.unc.edu (e-mail)

Monday, 17 November 1997 -- Portland, Maine 
      Title: "Practical Partnerships: A New England Sustainable 
      Sponsor: Center for Sustainable Agriculture at the University of 
      Contact: Kate Duesterberg or Deb Heleba 
                    802-656-0037 or 802-656-0233 (tel)
                    kduester@zoo.uvm.edu or dheleba@zoo.uvm.edu (edu)

Friday, 21 November 1997 -- Philmont, NY 
     Title: "Advanced Organic Vegetable Farming" 
     Sponsor: The Regional Farm & Food Project 
     Contact:  Regional Farm & Food Project 
                    518-426-9331 (tel)
                    518-465-8349 (fax)
Monday, 1 December 1997 -- Bangalore, India
      Title: "3rd IFOAM-Asia Scientific Conference: "Food Security in 
		Harmony with Nature""
      Sponsor: International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements 
      Contact: IFOAM-Asia
                    91-240-332336 (tel)
                    91-240-331036/335304 (fax)
                    iird-daniel/aurangabad@dartmail.dartnet.com (e-mail)
      Remarks: International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements
(IFOAM) is the world-wide umbrella organisation of organic agricultural
movements of the world having over 570 active member groups in 100
countries, striving to promote ecologically sound and socially justifiable
organic agriculture. 
Tuesday, 2 December 1997 -- Baltimore, MD 
     Title: "Partners for Smart Growth Conference" 
    Sponsor: U.S. Environment Protection Agency and the Urban Land 
    Contact: Urban Land Institute 
                   1-800-321-5011 (tel)  
                   smartgrowth@uli.org (e-mail)
                   http://www.uli.org (url)

Sunday, 7 December 1997 -- Milwaukee, WI 
      Title: "Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference" 
      Contact: Laura Paine 
                    602-262-6203 (tel)
                    608-265-3437 (fax) 
                    lkpaine@facstaff.wisc.edu (e-mail)

Wednesday, 14 January 1998 -- Memphis, TN 
      Title: "Southern Region SARE PDP/Chapter 3 Annual 
      Sponsor: Southern Region SARE
      Contact: Roseanne Minarovic or Roger Crickenberger 
                    919-515-3252 (tel)
                    919-515-5950 (fax)
                    rcricken@amaroq.ces.ncsu.edu (e-mail)

Wednesday, 21 January 1998 -- Pacific Grove, CA
      Title: "18th Annual Ecological Farming Conference: Still Out 
		Standing in Our Field" 
      Sponsor: Committee for Sustainable Agriculture and many fine 
       Contact: Conference Coordinator 
                     408-763-2111 (tel)
                     408-763-2112 (fax)
                     csaefc@scruznet.com (e-mail) 
                     http://www.impactonline.org/csa/ (url) 

Friday, 30 January 1998 - Ontario, CANADA 
      Title: "The 17th Annual Organic Conference & Eco-Products Trade 
Show: 	Sharing The Lessons of Organic Farming"       
      Sponsor: Canadian Organic Growers 
      Contact: Tomas Nimmo 
                     705-444-0923 (tel) 
                     705-444-0380 (fax)
                     organix@georgian.net (e-mail)
                     http://www.gks.com/OrgConf/ (url) 
Monday, 23 February 1998 -- San Jose, Costa Rica 
      Title: "International Conference on Pesticide Use in Developing
		Countries: Impact on Health and Environment" 
      Sponsor: Department for Research Cooperation of the Swedish 
International Development Cooperation Agency (SAREC-SIDA);, and the 
Universidad Nacional of Costa Rica. 
      Contact: Yamileth Astorga M.Sc.
                     506-277-3582 (tel) 
                     506-277-3583 (fax)
                     ppuna@irazu.una.ac.cr (e-mail)
                     http://www.una.ac.cr/ambi/ppuna (url) 

Tuesday, 24 February 1998 -- Victoria, BC CANADA 
      Title: "North American Farmers' Direct Marketing Conference" 
      Sponsor: Southern Vancouver Island Direct Farm Marketing 
      Contact: Brent Warner 
                    250-656-0941 (tel)
                    250-656-8922 (fax)
                    BWARNER@galaxy.gov.bc.ca (e-mail)
                    http://www.agf.gov.bc.ca (url) 

Monday, 13 April 1998 -- Santa Cruz, CA 
      Title: "Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture" 
      Sponsor: The Center for Agroecology and the University of 
	California Extension 
      Contact: Ann Lindsey 
                    408-459-2321 (tel)
                    408-459-2799 (fax)
                    http://zzyx.ucsc.edu/casfs/ (url)
      Remarks: Although the program does not begin until April, 1998, our
                      application deadline is November 3, 1997. 

Tuesday, 4 August 1998 -- Montpellier, France 
      Title: "2nd International Rice Blast Conference" 
      Sponsor: CIRAD (Centre de cooperation internationale en recherche 		
	agronomique pour le developpement) 
      Contact: Secretariat IRBC 98 
                    I +33 4 67 61 56 03 (fax) 
                    RBC98@cirad.fr (e-mail) 
                    http://www.cirad.fr/irbc98.html (url) 
      Remarks: Preregistration is expected before Sept 15, 1997.
                     CIRAD: Center for International cooperation in
                     Agronomic Research for Development. 

	Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program 
	1997-98 Grant Schedule


SARE's 1997-98 funding sponsors grants in research/education, professional
development for agricultural professionals and producer projects in
sustainable agriculture. Four regional councils administer grant
applications and recommend funding decisions to the U.S. Department of
Agriculture. Each administrative council sets its own schedule in calling
for proposals and determining successful projects. For requests for
proposals and other information, contact the regional office. 

North Central Region:

     July 15, 1997 	- Call for 1998 research and education preproposals
     Sept. 12, 1997 	- Research and education grant preproposals due
     December, 1997	- Invitation for full research and education proposals
     January, 1998 	- Full research and education proposals due
     Febuary, 1998 	- Professional development program proposals due; 
		   		- Call for producer grant applications
     May, 1998 		- Administrative Council funding recommendations 

13-A Activities Bldg., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE, 
68583-0840;  (402) 472-7081;  SARE001@unlvm.unl.edu

Northeast Region:

     Sept. 1, 1997 	- Call for farmer proposals
     Oct. 1, 1997 	- Call for research and education and 
			professional development proposals
     December, 1997 	- Farmer grant proposals due
     January, 1998 	- Administrative Council announces farmer 
			funding recommendations;
			- research and education/professional 
			development proposals due
     April, 1998 	- Administration Council funding recomendations
University of Vermont, Hills Bldg., Burlington, VT, 05405-0082
(802) 656-0471;  msimpson@zoo.uvm.edu

Southern Region:

     August, 1997 	- Call for Research and education preproposals; 
	  		- professional development proposals due
     November, 1997 	- Invitation for full research and education proposals
     December, 1997 	- Research and education preproposals due
     January, 1998 	- Producer grant proposals due
     April, 1998 	- Administrative Council announces funding
 			recommendations  on research and education and 
			on producer proposals
University of Georgia, Ag Experiment Station, 1109 Experiment St., 
Griffin, GA, 30223-1797; (770) 412-4787; 

Western Region:

     October, 1997 	- Research and education proposals due
     November, 1997	- Professional Development Program proposals due
     January, 1998 	- Farmer/rancher grant proposals due
     May, 1998		-Administrative Council announces funding 
Rm 322 Agriculture Science Bldg., 4865 University Blvd., Utah State 
University, Logan, UT 84322-4865, (801) 797-2257, fnhinck@cc.usu.edu

If you would like us to include your events, please send the event name, 
place, contact, and sponsor, to Alternative Farming Systems Information 
Center, ATTN: SAN Calendar, Room 304, National Agricultural Library, 
10301 Baltimore Avenue, Beltsville, MD 20705-2351.  FAX (301) 504-6409; 
Internet: san@nal.usda.gov

Andy Clark, Ph.D.
SAN Coordinator
c/o AFSIC, Room 304
National Agricultural Library
10301 Baltimore Ave.
Beltsville, MD  20705-2351
PH:  301-504-6425
FAX: 301-504-6409