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International Composting Association Regions

A suggestion recently made regarding the numbering of the regions for
the I.C.A. seems to make a lot of practical sense in terms of later
expansion. Rather than merely assigning a numerical sequence 1, 2, 3,
etc.. it might be more practical to do thusly;

0-9 U.S., 10-19 Canada, 20-29 Mexico & Central America, 30-39 South
America, 40-49 U.K, 50-59 Europe, 60-69 Asia, 70-79 Australia & New

As membership rises and the need to subdivide the regions to insure
equitable representation grows we could then easily break these regions
into appropriate new regions.

Within the U.S. the regions would be 1 Southeast, 2 South West, 3
Pacific, 4 North West, 5 Mid West, 6 North East

Within Canada it has been suggested that the regions be 10 Eastern
Canada and 11 Western Canada

The bylaws and the code of ethics on my web site will provide you with a
lot of information. The regions are purposely to provide a balance in
voting and representation while avoiding thee problems of nationalism.
The chapters are much smaller and cater to the local needs and
requirements to communicate and meet without excessive travel. The
chapters would meet monthly or bimonthly. The region would meet yearly.
But, all would follow the same bylaws and voting. Each chapter could
have its own officers, but representation on standards, etc comes only
through international voting by all the regions through their
representatives on the board. For now we are just trying to get folks
talking, meeting, and interested in the concept of a professional
society to raise the craft and the industry, establish ethics, and
represent the individual.

I would suggest that the tie between the I.C.A. and existing societies
that are in allied fields or fields that are indirectly affected by or
involved in large scale composting or related issues be as Associate
Societies..i.e., associated, with the right of regular attendance by a
couple of designated representatives at the previously announced public
meetings of the respective societies, but without voting or other
participatory/governing rights, which are reserved for regular members
on a regional basis to assure a balance in representation.

 While the I.C.A. is a society of, by, and for the individual you
will see that the voting is representational in nature through the
region. Regions are not based upon nationalism, but rather upon
population and the development of communications and networking.

There will be state and smaller chapters, but voting, as outlined in the
bylaws, will be through the region.. Beyond the chapter level will be
the region. Beyond the region will be the international board of
directors and international officers.

 No one person will have the individual right to speak for the society
as this direction setting will be based upon the will of the individuals
as reflected through their regional representatives on the board of
directors and any directions, decisions, funding, or other issues will
be strictly in adherance to the bylaws as enforced by the elected board
and the officers.

 Therefore, no company or individual will be able to state that they
represent the society or that their company or product has been approved
by the society. However, at a later date the society may, based upon
supported research programs, the findings of the proper professional
committee, and with prior board approval, pass standards such that a
company could state that a given product was designed per I.C.A.
Standard ABCD.1324.a.

The I.C.A. whether at the level of the smallest local chapter or up to
and including is first and foremost a professional and vocational
society with all other functions specifically for the purpose of the
lifting up and support of the individual in the craft and in the
industry. That which is done will be based upon the individual will as
refected through the chapter, the region, and the elected board of

 While supporting research, research institutions, and institutions of
higher education the I.C.A. will rigidly maintain independence from any
associations, funding, or influence  that might either negate the role
of the individual or jeopardize research or standards integrity.

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