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Leadership Toolbox Update (fwd)

Replies directly to Anja Speerforck <anja@hotsalsa.org>, please.

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Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 13:21:24 -0400 (EDT)
From: Anja Speerforck <anja@hotsalsa.org>
To: Andy Clark-SAN <san@nal.usda.gov>,
Subject: Leadership Toolbox Update

Thanks for your interest in The Leadership Toolbox, the new national
training program for nonprofit agencies.

Here are dates, locations, and more information about the first two seminars
to hit the road.  Effective Media Strategies and Outreach Materials will
begin touring later in the fall, with four or five other topics beginning
tours after the new year.


Whether you need to raise money for your current program budget, want find
new funds for additional projects, or are a board member who wants to raise
more money for your organization -- this seminar is for you! It's a
step-by-step guide to successfully raising money from foundations.  In an
interactive setting, you'll discover innovative ways to get a funder's
attention to get the funds you need.

What You'll Learn:
.  How to research foundations that will support your cause
.  How to diversify your approach: beyond the "general support" proposal
.  Whether and when to send an inquiry letter
.  Essential elements of a winning proposal
.  How to write the proposal budget, and how much to ask for
.  How to build long-term relationships with funders
.  What to do if you're rejected, and
.  Common pitfalls to avoid

Take-Home Tools:
.  List of resources, directories, and Internet sites
.  Writing tip-sheet to help you convey your message more effectively
.  Standardized forms for grant applications and budgets
.  Examples of successful inquiry letters, cover letters, and proposals

Who Should Attend:
.  Executive, Associate, and Development Directors
.  Board members who want to help with fundraising
.  Nonprofit staff who want to add a key career-enhancing skill

The Agenda:
Morning Session: Research
9:00-9:30	Introductions
9:30-10:45	Matching needs with approaches (seed money, current programs, new
projects, capital campaigns); competitor and in-house research; how the
stock market affects grantmaking.
10:45-11:00 	Break
11:00-12:30	Directory and Internet research methods and tools

12:30-1:30	Lunch

Afternoon Session: Grantwriting
1:30-2:30	Calls, inquiries, and cover letters
2:30-2:45	Break
2:45-4:30	Elements of the general grant; adding program information for a
project grant; budgeting; handling rejection; question & answer

Dates & Locations
October 9, The Red Barn, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA
October 15, State Natural Resources Building, Olympia, WA 
October 17, Phase I Classroom Building, Eastern Washington University ,
Spokane, WA
October 31, Arkansas Land and Farm Development Corporation, Fargo, AR; 10am-5pm
November 5, Chesapeake Bay Foundation Firehouse, Annapolis, MD
November 14, Union South, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
November 17, Michigan State University Union, East Lansing, MI
November 19, Calvin Crest Retreat Center, Fremont, NE
December 5, TBA, Lexington, KY
December 8, North Carolina Central University School of Law, Durham, NC
December 10, TBA, Bainbridge, GA

About Facilitator Katherine Wertheim

Ms. Wertheim, who has been a fundraising consultant for nearly a decade,
helps small to mid-size nonprofits raise money by writing grants, producing
direct mailings, and coordinating special events.  In addition to being on
the board of three nonprofits, she raises money for numerous direct service
and social justice groups.


Individual donors give more than $105 billion to charities each year,
compared to a mere $9 billion from foundations.  Careful and considered
cultivation of major individual donors is a skill that has kept many a
charity in the black, while the failure to nurture such benefactors has left
many other organizations high and dry when the foundation climate has shifted.

In this class, you'll learn:
.  How to indentify and cultivate prospects
.  How high to set goals for your campaign
.  How to develop information and materials for donors
.  How to ask for money.

We'll also discuss arranging and managing endowment funds and bequests. 

Tentative schedule:
October 17 or 18, Lexington, KY
October 20, North Carolina Central University School of Law, Durham, NC (conf)
November 1, Des Moines, IA (conf)
November 3, Minneapolis, MN 
November 8, Helena, MT (conf)
November 10, Spokane, WA (conf)

If you do not wish to receive occasional updates from The Leadership
Toolbox, please let us know.

Anja Speerforck, Director
Scott Williams, Program Associate       * TEL: 1-800-234-9389 
c/o Institute for Policy Studies        * FAX: 202-387-7915 
733 15th Street NW, Suite 1020		* E-MAIL: salsa@reply.net
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