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Re: Educational materials

On Fri, 29 Aug 1997, Jeff Gold & Roslyn Levin-Gold wrote:

> Lightstone Foundation is working with schools and universities in West
> Virginia to develop stewardship programs touching on practical issues such
> as the survival of rural communities, integrating local food production into
> the food chain, ecological forestry and watershed restoration and
> preservation.  We could certainly use references to texts and other
> materials that deal with these issues in a wholistic fashion, with
> sustainability as a major focus.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thank
> you in advance for any response.

Come visit http://www.gatewest.net/~green/

It's a site with 5 lesson plans and activities, bibliography, and links 
on Agriculture and sustainable development. Green Teacher magazine called 
it "the best agricultural resource for high school students that we've 
reviewed" (issue 41, p.37)

Let us know what you think.