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Mycoherbicides for Control of Canada Thistle, etc

Project Title:  Assessment of Three Promising Candidate
                Mycoherbicides for Control of Stinkweed, Canada
                Thistle and Showy Milkweed

Research Manager:  R. Varma
Institution:  Alberta Environmental Centre
Location:  Vegreville, Alberta

Status:  In progress

Objectives:  1. To mass-produce three fungal pathogens (WD89-108-II,
                WD89-117-I, & WD88-29-I) and determine their effectiveness
                the respective target weeds (stinkweed, showy milkweed and
                Canada thistle) grown outdoors in test plots.
             2. To extract and identify phytotoxins from the Fusarium
                WD88-29-I and evaluate its effectiveness on Canada thistle
                in growth chambers.
             3. To further evaluate the host-specificity of isolates
                WD89-108-II, WD89-117-I and WD88-29-I on a range of crops
                other non-target plants, related to the weed species.
             4. To explore the possibility of commercial production of
                candidate mycoherbicides with private companies (technology

Abstract:  Forthcoming.

Contact:  Dr. Rina Varma
          Department of Plant Sciences
          Alberta Environmental Centre
          Bag 4000
          Vegreville, Alberta
          T0B 4L0

          Phone:  403-632-8229

          For further information contact:  Research Division, Alberta
          Agriculture, J.G. O'Donoghue Building, 7000 - 113 Street,
          Edmonton, Alberta, T6H 5T6.  Phone: (403) 427-1956