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Re: Thistle

At 05:57 PM 9/2/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Two Questions
>1. Does anyone know of an environmentally friendly method of controlling
>"Canada Thistle" that works.

You can find environmentally friendly strategies for controlling thistles
in pastures in the article "Tame Thistles" at our Sustainable Farming
Connection website.  The URL for the article is:


The Alberta AFRD site suggested by "D.B.Sullivan" <Buffalob@mhtc.net> has a
wealth of information on other weeds, as well as insect pests, plant
diseases, and livestock parasites and diseases.  

If others know of additional weed and pest control sites, I'd love to hear
about them.

Craig Cramer
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"The water will never clear up 'til you get the hogs out of the creek."
-- Jim Hightower