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Seeking Media Coordinator

I do apologize for cross postings... 

Michigan Integrated Food & Farming Systems is soliciting bids to
disseminate the work of the MIFFS Network and its 14 innovative local
projects that explore alternatives to traditional production, marketing,
agricultural education, and land use.  This will be contractual arrangement
which could last until April 1998.

The MIFFS Network was created in 1993 to foster collaborative community
action around agricultural issues.  At the heart of our work is a shared
belief that agricultural productivity and profitability, environmental
stewardship and equitable land use planning can coexist for the benefit of
Michigan's rural and urban communities.  MIFFS is one of 18 projects in the
U.S. that have received funding as part of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation's
Integrated Farming Systems Initiative.  

We have a statewide group of collaborators and a network of community-based
teams working to explore timely practices and issues such as livestock
manure composting, water quality stewardship, intensive rotational grazing,
farmland protection, direct marketing, and local food systems. 

MIFFS works in three main areas: developing farming practices; building
community leadership; and influencing policies that affect the decisions
farmers and consumers make.  We believe that people are the key to creating
wiser, healthier agricultural systems.  We are committed to creating a more
dynamic future for the agricultural community in Michigan by helping
stakeholders see a broader array of options, make sounder decisions, and
increase their ability and leverage through new partnerships and shared
efforts.  We also work to foster collaboration among the many groups and
individuals who care deeply about Michigan's agricultural future. 

Description of Work
Write and disseminate a minimum of two press releases or media advisories
each month. 

Write one feature profile of an Innovation Project team or team member each

Coach team members to use media effectively, including writing effective
letters-to-the-editor and opinion pieces.

Write, produce, and distribute one news actuality per month (Marantz
recorder, Electro Voice microphone and two-deck editing "box" only
provided ) to local and state media outlets.  

The consultant will be expected to travel in-state to interview and coach
Innovation Project team members.

Qualifications we seek
Excellent oral and written command of the English language and its grammar.

Experience with publicity, media work or journalism.

Gregarious nature and willingness to build personal connections and
relationships with projects and members of the media.

Ability to relate well to individuals from varied social, economic, and
cultural backgrounds and to deal circumspectly with sensitive issues.

Ability and willingness to travel within the state.

Creativity tempered with "news sense" -- ability to spot a news or feature

A basic knowledge of agriculture is desirable, but not required.

Based on experience and qualifications.  As this is a contractual position,
withholding and benefits are not provided, nor is office equipment (other
than recording equipment).  Travel and office expenses (e.g., telephone and
fax charges) directly related to the contracted work are reimbursable. (See
"How to Apply" section below.)

Duration of Contract
>From date filled until April 1998.

How to Apply
Please send a letter of interest, brief resume, and several writing samples
tailored to different sorts of media (e.g., news, news feature, newsletter
and/or broadcast text) to:

Meg Moynihan
MIFFS Coordinator
P.O. Box 4903 
E. Lansing MI 48826-4903

Please include:
1)  as a bid, the fee you would require to research, write, and disseminate
two media releases, one feature story and one radio news actuality per
month (this may be costed per piece or  per month); 


2)  the hourly rate at which you would bill to coach Innovation Project
team members to use the media more effectively.

Feel free to phone MIFFS Coordinator Meg Moynihan at (517) 353-3209 with
any questions.

We expect to hire a consultant by October 15, 1997, but the position will
remain open until we find a suitable candidate.