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French-Cuban Sustainable Agr Conference

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/* ---------- "French-Cuban Sust Ag Conference" ---------- */
Methods and Experiences in Agricultural Extension for Sustainable Development

Holguin, Cuba, October 10 - 17, 1997

Objectives: Present the results of the Cuban-French cooperation 
scientific/technical program of agricultural extension and 
investigation, formation, and development. Exchange of national and 
international viewpoints and experiences relating to agricultural 
extension and development.

Themes: Systems of agricultural extension: structure and function. 
Communication (information, capacity, and divulgence), basic utility of 
agricultural extension. Regional considerations in agricultural 
extension. Participatory investigations: methods, experiences, and results.

Official Languages: Spanish and French

Registration Fees: US$120.00 (includes documentation, programs, 
portfolio, accreditation, and certificate of participation)

Optional tourist package costs US$290.00 (double occupancy) and 
includes: hotel accommodations for five nights and six days, 
transportation between the airport and the hotel, transportation to the 
activities in the countryside, and the services of a tourist guide.

To participate, send correspondence to:
Dr. Teodoro Lopez Betancourt
Lic. Eloisa Castellanos Bolanos
Coloquio Internacional Franco-Cubano
Ministerio de la Agricultura
av. Independencia y Conill
Ciudad de la Habana, CP 10600
fax# (537)66-60--71; (537)33-50-86
email: etiah@holguin.cu; cmhlg@ceniai.cu