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ChemFinder URL

Howdy, all--

Thanks to an e-mail from Warren Porter, the UW zoologist who studies 
the interactive effects of pesticides and chemicals in low doses on 
biological systems, I remembered that I never shared this URL with 
you all last winter when I first ran across it.


ChemFinder is a chemical searching system, and it's easy to use.
For example, I typed in "diazinon" in one field, and it returned 

--a list of a couple dozen "synonyms"
--chemical structure and properties info, 
--a list of about 40 links to other sites, including ExToxNet, OSHA,
SARA/CERCLA, ATSDR, and my personal favorite, the NJ Department of
Health hazardous chemical sheets (which include things like chronic
and acute exposure effects).  But not PANNA.  :^)

Technically speaking, my guess is a) this thing kicks major tuchus 
and b) it was designed for chemical industry people.

It's a service of CambridgeSoft Corporation:



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