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Re: Compost Pile Covers

>I have found it most desireable to cover my compost piles, mostly in terms
>of moisture retention and getting more heat to the outside of the piles.  I
>am not happy with the woven plastic tarps that I used as they deteriorated
>in one year.
>What materials have people had success with?
>Rob Flory
>Howell Farm
>Titusville, NJ


There was some talk for a while among wool producers of processing the
lesser grades of wool not fit for clothing for such uses, thus salvaging a
profit and somthing productive from what would otherwise have been
scrapped.  And once it's served it's purpose (after repeated use), it can
be safely composted itself (N) and doesn't leave behind all that plastic
for posterity.

Does anyone know what became of this idea?  Are such covers available yet?
Who has experience with them?