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Re: Recycled Hog Wastes (fwd)

Even if we solve the environmental problems using nutrient management plans
and constructed wetlands, and whatever other methods are available, have we
really solved the problems of "factory" farming?  It would seem that another
equally large and important issue is what these farms do to family farms
that are trying to be sustainable and to the community that is trying to
support the local farmers  because it is to the community's advantage to do
so rather than support the factory farm where much of the wealth leaves the
community. It's a very interesting tightrope to walk.

At 07:16 AM 9/16/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi Rich,
>   Can you or anyone else suggest good sources
>of information regarding the details of the 
>environmental problems that have happened in 
>NC or elsewhere.  Western Canada is looking at
>major expansion of intensive hog production to 
>meet expanding Asian demand.  While the promoters
>seem to be addressing some of the potential
>environmental problems, I think the basic problems
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