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PANUPS: Resource Pointer #142

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Resource Pointer #142

September 23, 1997

For copies of the following resources, please contact 
the appropriate publishers or organizations directly.


*Rising Toxic Tide: Pesticide Use in California 1991-
1995, 1997.* James Liebman. Documents rising intensity 
of pesticide use in California, including 129% increase 
in use of carcinogenic pesticides and 52% increase in 
use of acutely toxic nerve poisons. Criticizes state 
government for failing to implement sustainable 
alternatives to pesticides and for not making 
information about pesticide use accessible to the 
public. Recommends that Department of Pesticide 
Regulation produce annual summaries of pesticide use 
trends and launch statewide effort to reduce pesticides. 
35 pp. US$5. PANNA and Californians for Pesticide 
Reform. To order report, contact PANNA.

*The Methyl Bromide Issue, 1997.* C.H. Bell, N. Price and B. 
Chakrabarti, eds. Provides technical discussion of methyl 
bromide's effectiveness, mode of action and environmental and 
health impacts, and discusses policy and scientific 
implications of phaseout. Describes chemical and physical 
alternatives to methyl bromide for perishables, durables, 
structures and soil.  400 pp. US$125 plus shipping/handling 
(variable). John Wiley and Sons, Inc. 1 Wiley Drive, 
Somerset, NJ 08875; phone toll free (800) 225-5945 or (908) 
469-4400; fax (908) 302-2300.

*Alternatives to Methyl Bromide: Ten Case Studies, Volume 
Three, 1997.* U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 
Presents brief descriptions of chemical and non-chemical 
alternatives to methyl bromide. Includes information about 
alternatives to soil, commodity and structural uses of methyl 
bromide, including compost, flooding, grafting, hydroponics, 
steam, metam sodium, telone and phosphine. Discusses 
effectiveness of various techniques and shows costs compared 
to methyl bromide. 72 pp. No charge. Ozone Protection 
Hotline; phone toll free (800) 296-1996 or (301) 614-3390 or 
contact Methyl Bromide Program, EPA, 6205J, 401 M Street, SW, 
Washington, DC 20460; 

*FAO Pesticide Disposal Series #3: Pesticide Storage and 
Stock Control Manual, 1996.* Food and Agricultural 
Organization (FAO). Describes how to store pesticides so as 
to minimize chance of leakage and environmental damage. 
Discusses choice of storage site, design of storage 
structure, methods of stacking pesticide containers, disposal 
of obsolete pesticides and how to transport pesticides 
locally. Includes information about responding to spills, 
decontaminating clothing and handling major emergencies such 
as fire or flooding. 32 pp. No charge. United Nations FAO, 
Via delle Terme di Caracalla, 00100-Rome, Italy; phone (39-6) 
5705-5192; fax (39-6) 5705-56347.

*FAO Pesticide Disposal Series #4: Disposal of Bulk 
Quantities of Obsolete Pesticides in Developing Countries, 
1996. Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). Gives 
information about taking inventory of pesticide stocks and 
stabilizing sites where obsolete pesticides are stored. 
Discusses containment, temporary storage and clean-up. 
Describes techniques for disposal, including various forms of 
incineration and chemical treatment, and discusses how to 
select optimal disposal method. 44 pp. No charge. United 
Nations FAO, Via delle Terme di Caracalla, 00100-Rome, Italy; 
phone (39-6) 5705-5192; fax (39-6) 5705-56347.

We encourage those interested in having resources listed 
in the Online Resource Pointer to send review copies of 
publications, videos or other sources to our office 
(address listed below) or to contact Information Program 
Associate Adam Kirshner for further information.  

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