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TH: Urban parks or urban wildland interfaces

The recent postings about urban parks are fascinating and it is always
good to see that large areas are being protected for something other
than the built environment. I am in the process of putting together
presentations about the role of arborists in the urban, peri-urban
settings as it relates to wildlife, habitat, environmentally sensitive
areas and similar aspects (for the Third Canadian Urban Forests
Conference in Halifax May 28-31 - call 902 490-4894 for more info. and
for the ISA meeting at Salt Lake City in August). Having seen the
breadth of responses so far among our readers, I would like to solicit
any information on the above that folks can point me toward, so that I
can broaden the scope of my talks. Ideally, contact names and phone
numbers would be best, then I can call people and gather up more

Thank you all in advance for any help you can offer.

Cheers from Bowen Island, British Columbia (the wet coast of Canada!) 

Julian A. Dunster R.P.F., M.C.I.P., Certified Arborist