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TH: Tree Planting Soil Volume etc.

Regarding Planting Pits and planting on construction altered sites, I 
learned of an article at a seminar I attended last year.  The article is in 
Journal of Arboriculture 18(2) "Bringing Order to the Technical Dysfunction 
within the Urban Forest"  by James Urban -- Urban and Associates, 
Annapolis, Maryland.  

Some good technical info on planting in less than optimal conditions such 
as designing and engineering planting pits, volume requirements for 
planting pits, planting in compacted soils etc.

But with this good info and expertise, I think the conclusion says it all: 
 " The state of urban forestry must continue to evolve if successful urban 
forests are to be grown and maintained.  New partnerships and institutions 
will have to be forged and new standards will have to be set.  Much of the 
technical information we currently rely on will have to be set aside in 
favor of new ideas that will be based on research and documented 
experience.  The protocol for tree planting detail design outlined above is 
only one small step in this process."

Excellent bibliography with article. Look it up!

J. L. Johnson

J L. Johnson

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