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Re: TH: Re: Usenet Newsgroup

 Post-To: Tree-House@Majordomo.Flora.Com (Community Forestry) ----------
 On Sun, 20 Apr 1997, Dudley R. Hartel wrote:

> From a professional stand point, I would suggest that the "science"
> designator: sci.environment.community.trees, would be a better fit.

 On Sun, 20 Apr 1997, Jeff Hohensee wrote:

> The rec.parks title would probably miss most of our citizens
> if they were searching the net for a community forestry newsgroup.

 Thank you both for your wise thoughts.  It is looking like
 sci.environment.forests would not only be more functional, but
 might even stand a better chance of passing the vote.  The implicit
 'plurality' of environment & forests should sound accessible
 (friendly) to more folks, as well as its being easier to locate.

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