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TH: Damaged Trees

 Post-To: Tree-House@Majordomo.Flora.Com (Community Forestry) ----------
I am one of the lurkers on the list hoping to learn more about trees and I
appreciated the invitation to post questions.  I was beginning to think the
only purpose of the list was to save trees from demolition, which is an
admirable purpose but limited in scope. 
My question is as follows:  I have a Black Hills Spruce that I planted 2 1/2
years ago which has always been a beautiful tree.  Suddenly it developed a
large area where it turned brown and seems to have died.  It doesn't seem to
be spreading, it is in the middle of the tree, and I am at a loss as to what
to do.  Any help would be appreciated.
Another question is about my Peach Tree.  I has an area at the base of the
tree where it is leaking sap.  I cleared the mulch away hoping it would dry
out.  But I don't think it has.  Also quite a few of the leaves are dropping
off.  Any ideas?
Thanks for any help on these concerns.
Margaret Booth
Lincoln, Nebraska
Zone 5