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Re: Re: TH: Perennials & Annuals around Trees ...

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>  Post-To: Tree-House@Majordomo.Flora.Com (Community Forestry) ----------
> Worms, worms, worms.  Well, some worms can burrow through just about
> anything.  But not the red wiggler type that most people use in worm
> boxes.
> Lisa
> New York City

Why would anybody pay money for exotic worms instead of picking a
few up locally after a rain storm?  Of course, worms haven't been
native to northern forests since the last ice age and are suspects
in the changing nitrogen cycles.  They do break down organic matter
faster then molds and fungus, I guess...

A comment on _all_ the trees in the urban forest:  it is much more
cost effective to plant on private property then in sidewalks.  Makes
me stop and think when we talk about increasing canopy.