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Re: TH: Treetown + request for info.

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Hi Richard,

Seems like the temporary tag option is worth investigating. 
As always, thanks for the suggestions! 

Beverly Gingg
Santa Margarita Community Forestry

RT Ellsberry wrote:
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>  Hi Beverly -
>  This is an ongoing issue.  I personally believe that the perfect
>  'tree tag' has not quite been invented yet and that this is a pivotal
>  opportunity for one of our forest engineers out there.  There are
>  however some fairly good designs currently available.  One approach
>  is to provide more temporary tags, making multiple plastic laminated
>  tags for the same tree, to be replaced as each one 'blows away' ...
>  One argument for this tack is that whoever walks away with your tag
>  might be left with a souvenir that just might teach them a little
>  bit about community forestry.  It is recommended that you include
>  Latin species names (as you said above), and its continental origins.
>  Hope this helps,
>  Richard@Flora.Com
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